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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

The American Heart Association has listed three beef cuts as part of its Food Certification Program. This program places the association’s heart-check mark on food packages to helps healthy consumers identify foods that meet criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol for family members over age two.

The three beef cuts that met the American Heart Association’s criteria for extra lean and now are certified to display the heart-check mark include: Boneless Top Sirloin Petite Roast (select grade) ,Top Sirloin Filet (select grade) and Top Sirloin Kabob (select grade).

The American Heart Association’s heart-check mark is the one of the most trusted icons on food packaging today – and it continues to resonate with health-conscious shoppers, even in a challenging economy. In fact, more than 83 percent of consumers have an aided awareness of the heart-check mark, and nearly 75 percent of primary grocery shoppers say the heart-check mark improves the likelihood that they’ll buy a product.

This certification allows retailers to display the heart-check mark on fresh case beef packages, promoting the health benefits of a serving of these particular beef cuts to their customers. This is good news, as many of the food industry’s top brands have certified products. The mark has been shown to influence sales by as much as 5 percent. In addition, The Beef Checkoff Trade Association Certification simplifies a retailer’s processing and related costs to participate in the American Heart Association’s heart-check mark program, such as waiving of certain fees and significant discounts to participate.

For retailers, the checkoff-funded integrated promotions feature merchandising elements where it matters most –the point of purchase. As part of the integrated promotions, there is a comprehensive campaign including on-pack labels, recipes and more to help drive awareness, traffic to lean beef cuts in the meat case and ultimately product sales.


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