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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

With the higher than normal temperatures this spring, Dr. Bill Ree reports that PNC activity is early, in some cases two weeks early.  PNC trap data reported to shows that last week trap catches being reported as far north as Comanche county and the Ennis area which is just south of Dallas. With PNC activity being dependent on temperature and with spring temperatures higher than normal across the state Ree noted that we are not seeing as much difference in activity from south to north as one might expect.

 PNC is the most import nut pest of pecan, although some producers with pecan weevil might argue that point, and proper management is the corner stone of the IPM program. Ree feels that the best money you can spend on your pest management program is using the PNC pheromone traps. These traps will provide real time information on activity for your orchard.

For producers that can use the internet, information on PNC activity is posted (PNC prediction map) on under maps/PNC risk map. At this location you can see what PNC is doing across the pecan belt. The black and white markers are locations of volunteer producers that are reporting PNC trap data. When trap information is received the marker turns green. When the decision window opens which is the time when a producer can go to the orchard and make a decision on if a treatment is warranted the marker turns yellow. When that decision window closes the marker turns red.  For producers that are running their own traps you can make a prediction locations on egg lay for your orchard from your trap catch data at two different web sites

For,  go to maps and PNC forecast. Click off the warning then place a marker on your orchard site with a right click of the mouse. Next enter the date of your first significant moth catch (first date of two consecutive collection nights) the program will provide you with a chart like the one. What is provided is a table and graph of predicted percent completion of egg lay or oviposition. The best time to conduct scouting activities would be between 25 and 50 percent completion of egg lay.


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