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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service has published online a  survey of regional and state rates charged for custom agricultural operations.

“Each  year, AgriLife Extension receives many requests for prevailing rates for certain kinds of work and custom farm or machine operations,” said  Dr. Steven Klose, AgriLife Extension economist in College Station. “This  is an update of information that has been used extensively over the  years.”

To view rates for various custom operations, visit .

The  online publication is 34 pages. It includes data on tractor rental, tillage operations, planting operations, application of fertilizer and  lime, chemicals-cotton harvesting, peanut harvesting, hauling and  drying, combining and hauling grains, haying and silage operations, land  preparation, brush control, other farm and ranch operations,  miscellaneous livestock operations, and consulting services.

In  January, a survey was distributed to select farmers, ranchers and landowners across the state. The results of the survey helped establish a “baseline of rates
statewide and further assist with questions inquiring about specific custom-hire activities,” Klose said.

“This  data provides market information where information would otherwise be limited,” Klose said. “This will help individuals by providing a range  of rates for different services whether you are using or providing those  services in your area.”


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