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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

According to the Texas Farm Bureau annual survey, Texas chefs preparing for Thanksgiving should be able to feed 10 hungry Texans a traditional holiday meal for about $48.69.

The 2011 Thanksgiving Meal Report of Texas Farm Bureau’s (TFB) Grocery Price Watch
survey shows an increase of $2.17, or 4.66 percent, from the 2010 TFB Thanksgiving Meal Report. The survey records the cost of 10
holiday staples—including turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry
sauce—to feed a family of 10 people.

“The price of a traditional Thanksgiving meal has gone
up over the years, but it’s still remarkable that you can feed a family of 10
for less than $5 per person,” said TFB President Kenneth Dierschke. “Especially
this time of year, we give thanks for the farmers and ranchers who work hard to
grow healthy, affordable food for our families.”

posted the highest price increase this year, rising nearly 18 percent from $8.30
per pound in 2010 to $9.78 per pound in 2011. Higher pecan prices mean a more
expensive pecan pie—a Texas tradition—to round out Thanksgiving

“The pecan crop in Texas is projected to be about 40 percent
smaller this year, from the usual annual average of 50 million pounds to just 30
million pounds. The extreme drought conditions across the state have really
taken a toll on this crop, and shoppers will pay more for pecans this year,”
Dierschke said.

In addition to pecans, six of the Thanksgiving staples
increased in price from 2010: young tom turkey, frozen (up 2.42 percent); sweet
potatoes, fresh (up 2.2 percent); cranberry sauce, canned (up 6.56 percent);
cubed stuffing, herb seasoning (up 8.37 percent); 9-inch pie shells, frozen (up
8.22 percent); and whipping cream (up 4.58 percent).

Texas shoppers may
pay less for three survey items this year, as brown and serve rolls decreased
1.22 percent, frozen green beans decreased 7.79 percent and whole milk decreased
6.13 percent.

TFB’s fourth quarter Grocery Price Watch survey was taken
in conjunction with the 2011 Thanksgiving Meal Report and also shows a slight
increase in grocery prices for household staples. Results from the quarterly
survey of 16 common food products show a less than 1 percent increase from
$45.43 in the third quarter to $45.62 in the fourth quarter of this

TFB’s Thanksgiving Meal Report and Grocery Price Watch prices were
reported by 36 volunteer shoppers at grocery stores statewide from Oct. 27
through Nov. 4. TFB has released its Grocery Price Watch survey quarterly since
March 2009.


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