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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

Over 100 producers from across the Rolling Plains had their first opportunity to taste the new Las Vegas Strip steak during the 2012 Cattle Trails Wheat and Stocker Conference in Wichita Falls on Tuesday. After tasting the steak, they were surveyed and the results prove that the industry has a “hit” with producers and hopefully consumers across the country.

The steak was detailed by the “Meat Geek” Dr. Tony Mata who was part of the team who found and developed the steak from the chuck. He presented it as a moderately-priced steak that can compete with more well-known steaks like the New York Strip.

When producers were asked about the overall acceptability of the steak, 85.4 percent of respondents gave acceptable or extremely acceptable and 100 percent confirmed the steak was at least average.

When asked specifically about tenderness, the results were even more amazing with 96.7 percent responding that the steak was at least average for tenderness and 14.7 percent called the steak extremely tender– not bad for a “moderately priced” steak.

Closely related to tenderness is how juicy a steak is, and the Las Vegas Strip challenged more expensive steak there too. When asked about juiciness, the producers called the steak average or above 88.7 percent of the time.

On the flavor side, 100 percent of the respondents called the steak at least average and 79 percent put the flavor of the steak at desirable or extremely desirable.

When asked if they would order the steak at a restaurant, 96.7 percent said yes or they would have to have more information such as price. How much would they spend for a Las Vegas Strip at a restaurant? Over 26 percent said $10.51 to $12.50, and 8 percent more said up to $15.

After seeing the impact of the Flat Iron Steak on carcass value nearly a decade ago, producers were asked what they thought the new steak would add to carcass value. One hundred percent of those responding indicated it would have a positive effect and 38.6 percent indicated they believed it would add $2 to $4 to each carcass. Over five percent thought it would add over $10 to the carcass.

One producer summed-up the steak saying, “Yep, I’d take that steak to the grill”. High praise from someone who really knows steaks and how to produce a good one.


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