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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

If you have ever thought about raising poultry for meat and eggs or just for the majesty they can bring to your yard we have scheduled a program with the River Bend Nature Center that can help you learn how to make the best out of the experience. The speakers will share the most current information on regulations, bird health, facilities, breeds and current topics in the news. This opportunity to learn with your kids will begin at 9 am on Monday, January 21- this exciting event is tailor-made for the vacation day.

In the afternoon Texoma families will learn about their relationship with wild animals in urban surrounding where natural habitat and homes occupy the same space. The afternoon speakers will review what homeowners can do to encourage the wildlife they want and discourage the critters they don’t want.

This is the first two installments of our Backyard Basics series for 2013. Other topics during the year will be vegetables, herbs, food preservation, butterflies, rainwater harvesting, backyard cooking and BBQ.

The registration for the entire series is $15 or $10 at the door for an individual program. Registration will be on-line at: or by calling 940.716.8610. Payment will be made at the door.

For more information contact the Texas AgriLIFE Extension Service office in Wichita County at 940.716.8610.



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