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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Texoma Turf and Tree Seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3 at the MPEC. This all-day program is for Texoma turf and tree professionals, school athletic field managers, park care-takers or anyone who want to be armed with the most up-to-date information to help with the issues and questions that are sure to come this spring concerning drought, trees and turf in landscapes.

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The recent moisture has definitely helped areas in the Rolling Plains along with putting producers in a better mood although a lot of counties missed out on the snow and rains. In the areas that received moisture, last week’s snow and rainfall has perked up winter wheat almost overnight. Producers have been bragging on how well the wheat crop looks and grown over the past several days. Producers continue to graze cattle on wheat fields as pastures have not offered much grazing. With the recent moisture, producers are hoping that pastures have enough soil moisture content to begin this year. Grasses are slowly starting to come out, but producers are cautious as to running cattle on them just yet. They want to allow pastures to replenish as much as they can before beginning to graze them. Livestock are in fair to good condition at this time as supplement feeding continues. Hay supplies have are just about depleted in some areas.  In the counties that received moisture, cotton farmers are in a better mood. Cotton producers are ready and waiting for more rains and are ready for cotton planting season to begin. Some field work being done for hay grazer planting should moisture be available.   Recent rains and warm weather have brought many wildflowers out. Feral bees were hungry and started early on anything that was blooming and now domestic bees are foraging. While there were lots of hives that didn’t make it through the winter, those that did seem to be very healthy and vigorous.  Garden plots are ready for planting. Some trees are budding and flowering.


WHEAT: U.S. wheat exports for 2012/13 are projected 25 million bushels lower this month boosting projected ending stocks by the same amount. Continued strong competition, particularly from EU-27 and FSU-12, further reduce prospects for U.S. wheat shipments.

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It’s time for the Wichita Falls Ranch and Farm Expo! This year’s issue of the annual event will feature over 400 vendor tables with every new technology available to ranchers and farmers.

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