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Local pecan growers won’t have far to drive to attend the local pecan show on Saturday, December 13 because it will be held in Georgetown in conjunction with the regional pecan show.

This will be the first time in several years the local horticulture committee will host the show and it couldn’t happen at a better time. “The trees are loaded and the crop looks great” says Williamson County AgriLife Extension Agent Fred M. Hall. “We could have the largest show in years,” he continued.

In addition, this will be the second year for a Williamson and Bell County food show that features everything you can make from pecans. It is more than just pies with divisions ranging from candy and cakes to fancy nuts.

The show is open to any Williamson or Bell county resident with a pecan tree, and homeowners are encouraged to participate if they are interested in improving the quality of the pecans on their urban trees. “At the very least they will find out what variety of pecan they have–at the most they could win a ribbon or be selected to go on to the state competition,” says Hall.

All entries must be received at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Williamson County office at 3151 SE Inner Loop, Suite A in Georgetown by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, December 10 to allow time for entry processing.

The basic rules for the pecan show include:

  1. Exhibitors are limited to one entry of each named variety they grow; however, the grower may enter as many seedlings, known hybrids or natives as desired.
  2. Sample entries from one orchard cannot be entered in two county shows.
  3. Pecans should be entered in the same county they are grown. If your county does not have a show, enter the nearest county that does.
  4. The exhibitor must be the grower.
  5. An entry consists of a minimum of 40 pecans, with 42 preferred. They should be in a paper sack with an entry card (to be provided) that identifies grower name, address, phone number and variety (if known).
  6. Entries containing more than one variety are disqualified; however, an entry may be composed of nuts from more than one tree.
  7. Nuts which are cut sanded, polished or otherwise altered will be disqualified.
  8. Pecans exhibited must be from the 2014 crop.

For more information contact the Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension Service, in Williamson County call 512.943.3300.




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