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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, Williamson County hosted the Williamson/Bell County Pecan Show. From 106 samples in the two-county competition, Williamson County growers brought home 24 first place ribbons plus grand champion and reserve champion honors in two divisions. These winners went on to competition in the Central Texas Region II later that same day.

Williamson County entries earning first place honors included:

From the Classic and New Division:

  • Bruce Johns, Taylor with his Apache entry that had 49.37 nuts per pound and 58.64 percent kernel.
  • Darwin R. Karkoska, Granger with his Brake entry that had 44.94 nuts per pound and 54.50 percent kernel plus this entry was named division champion.
  • David Patton, Georgetown with his Mahan entry that had 34.04 nuts per pound and 55.74 percent kernel
  • Edward Zucknick, Taylor with his Melrose entry that had 62 nuts per pound and 53.49 percent kernel.
  • David Phillips, Georgetown with his Podsednik entry that had 27.68 nuts per pound and 50.52 percent kernel and his Shoshoni entry that had 46.78 nuts per pound and 50.29 percent kernel.
  • Darwin R. Karkoska, Granger with his Shawnee entry that had 58.81 nuts per pound and 52.21 percent kernel.
  • Ann Singleton, Jarrell with her Success entry that had 40.19 nuts per pound and 49.75 percent kernel.
  • Ray Ponton, Taylor with his variety seedling that had 59.69 nuts per pound and 58.20 percent kernel plus was named division reserve champion.

From the Commercial Division:

  • John Doerfler, Weir with his Choctaw that had 40.19 nuts per pound and 58.29 percent kernel and his Desirable entry that had 37.73 nuts per pound and 50.94 percent kernel and his Sioux entry that had 62 nuts per pound and 55.05 percent kernel and was also named division champion. His Wichita entry had 45.45 nuts per pound and 60.23 percent kernel and was reserve division champion.
  • Bruce Johns, Taylor with his Hopi entry that had 48.18 nuts per pound and 58.44 percent kernel.
  • Darwin R. Karkoska, Granger with his Kiowa entry that had 43.71 nuts per pound and 55.19 percent kernel.
  • Robert Kaderka, Taylor with his Nacono entry that had 39.02 nuts per pound and 53.17 percent kernel.
  • David J. Wolbrueck, Round Rock with his Schley entry that had 62.98 nuts per pound and 55.91 percent kernel.

From the Natives Division:

  • Edward Zucknick, Taylor with his entry that had 86.94 nuts per pound and 52.19 percent kernel.

The most important function of pecan grading or pecan shows is to provide growers a system for determining the value of their pecans before they are taken to market.

The objective of the Texas Pecan Grading Program is to provide growers with a simple, easy to practice system for determining a value for their pecans. This is accomplished by collecting a representative 10 nut sample of dry pecans from each sack of pecans and measuring the percent edible kernel, kernel color and nut size. The percent edible kernel is measured after all of the non-edible flaws are removed. These three characteristics of a sample are what a grower needs to know when marketing his or her pecans. The three characteristics are what are used in grading pecan samples exhibited in county, regional and state pecan shows.



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