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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

The law affects sustainable, local food producers in many ways, and farmers need information on how to deal with these concerns. Williamson County Extension will present an interactive webinar series through Farm Commons in 2015 that will help farmers identify some common concerns. Webinars are hosted on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Topics will include: beginning farmers and farm law, putting your CSA on a solid legal footing, hosting legally secure farm events, adding value with liability to farm products and farm leases that are good for landowners and tenants.

The first programs are on Monday and Tuesday, January 8 and 9 at 12 noon. On Monday, we will discuss how On-farm events are a great way to build support in the community. And, they’re a lot of fun! But as the saying goes, it’s only fun until someone loses an eye. Make sure your farm isn’t left with the short end of the stick after a good-intentioned event goes bad. From zoning compliance to guest injuries and serving prepared food, we’ll work through a checklist of things a farm should address before hosting an event.

On Tuesday we will discuss how starting a processing operation, improving packaging, and developing new products are great ways to make the farm more profitable, these activities have a huge legal impact. Employment laws, liability potential, state/federal regulations, and tax factors all change when a farm begins to process product. Farms relying on cottage food laws should make sure to attend- we’ll talk about what these laws do not do to protect farms.


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