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A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

Texas Peanut Producers Board (TPPB) announces that elections are to be held in all 254 Texas counties for the purpose of electing three TPPB board members, two members from TPPB Voting Region One and one member At Large. There will be a total of nine TPPB voting board members.

There is one seat open for election of an “At Large” TPPB board member. The “At Large” member may be from any of the 254 counties in Texas so long as they meet the requirements below.

TPPB is also conducting a referendum on a statewide increased checkoff amount for peanuts in conjunction with its 2016 biennial election. Eligible voters will decide if an assessment of up to $3 per net ton, which is produced and sold in Texas, would be collected and submitted to TPPB, effective May 1, 2016. (The current assessment rate has remained fixed since 1990, despite vast economic changes over the years).

Peanut producers eligible to vote in the elections and referendum are persons, including the owner of a farm on which peanuts are produced or the owner’s tenant or sharecropper, engaged in the business of producing peanuts or causing peanuts to be produced for commercial purposes for at least one production period during the three years preceding the date of this election and referendum (Jan. 23, 2016). Any qualified producer may vote for an At Large nominee.

The nomination period will be held from November 23, 2015 to December 23, 2015.   The election period will be held from January 9, 2016 to January 23, 2016.



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