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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

The Texas Corn Producers Board (TCPB) will hold elections in three of its five voting regions to elect five board members where current members’ seats are expiring. The nomination period to be on the ballot started on Nov. 23 and closes Dec. 23. The TCPB election is conducted by voting regions and will be held from Jan. 9, 2016, until Jan. 23, 2016.

There is one seat open for election in voting region three, which includes Tarrant County.

Any person qualified to vote is also qualified to seek nomination for election to the board as a director. Qualified persons must reside within the TCPB voting region wherein they seek nomination. Nomination applications must be submitted to the TCPB signed by the applicant and ten other eligible voters in this election. Applications are available at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service office in Tarrant County located at 200 Taylor St. in Fort Worth. Or the application can be requested by mail directly from TCPB, 4205 N. I-27, Lubbock, Texas 79403. If you request a nomination form by mail from TCPB, you must include your county of residence.

Nomination forms must be filed no later than Dec. 23, 2015, in order to be valid. Nomination applicants must reside in a county within a TCPB voting region where they seek nomination. Nominations should be mailed to TCPB at 4205 N. I-27, Lubbock, Texas 79403.

Corn producers eligible to vote in the elections are persons, including the owner of a farm on which corn is produced or the owner’s tenant or sharecropper, engaged in the business of producing corn or causing corn to be produced for commercial purposes for at least one production period during the three years preceding the date of this election (Jan. 23, 2016). The producer must reside within one of the counties stated above to vote in the respective voting region.


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