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Northwest Iowa Dairy Outlooks

A local discussion of current science and issues concerning dairying in northwest iowa

There has not been a good, in-depth survey of producer issues with predation across Texas in many years. Without it, it can be hard to coordinate at a local, district, and regional level. 

This survey will look at what specific predation problems producers experience across Texas, what they are currently using as predation control techniques, and the economic burden on them. The goal is to produce a set of recommendations for when it is economically useful to exercise control, and what combination of methods to use. The researchers feel that this project has great value to the people of Texas, as well as the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, as it will help us understand better, county-by-county, what the predation issues are, and how we can help address them. 

On our website you will find a fillable pdf, that means just tab through and click your response or type the information asked for, save it and then email the saved version back to me.  It should not take more than five minutes and  your email will be separated from the survey.

The survey is located at:

Thank you in advance.



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