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This week I had a question concerning the labor compliance posters that are needed for dairymen with employees. I asked Farm and Agribusiness Management Specialist Melissa R. O’Rourke to share a definitive answer for the question. Her response:

The poster problem is that for the myriad of different employment-related laws (both state and federal) some require posting if you have one employee, for other laws it is ten employees; and for others, the employer may not be required to post a notice until reaching 50 employees (such as FMLA).  That is why the “combo” posters are handy – they cover all the required notices for a variety of laws whether the particular employer needs it or not.

In Iowa, the easiest way to get the right poster is to walk into an Iowa Workforce Development Office and ask for the employer combination poster – it is “free” (but they will probably ask an employer for some kind of proof that you are an employer – not just someone off the street).

Unfortunately, many Iowa Workforce offices were shut down several years ago due to budget cuts.  In Northwest Iowa, the only offices are in Sioux City and Spencer – here is a link to the locations and contact information:

In northeast Iowa, there are offices in Decorah and Dubuque.

They will not mail one out to employers, so a visit to the office will be required.

There are various outfits where you can order these posters for a fee, such as this one:

Her advice to any employer is – “don’t try to skimp on your poster requirements . . . . it is pretty cheap insurance to just obtain a poster that covers everything.”  O’Rourke also noted, “if there are Spanish-speaking/reading employees, the employer would be wise to have the posters in both languages.”

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