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This week I had a question concerning the labor compliance posters that are needed for dairymen with employees. I asked Farm and Agribusiness Management Specialist Melissa R. O’Rourke to share a definitive answer for the question. Her response:

The poster problem is that for the myriad of different employment-related laws (both state and federal) some require posting if you have one employee, for other laws it is ten employees; and for others, the employer may not be required to post a notice until reaching 50 employees (such as FMLA).  That is why the “combo” posters are handy – they cover all the required notices for a variety of laws whether the particular employer needs it or not.

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Preparing workers for the challenges of cold and snow is important for dairymen who hire workers not accoustomed to those conditions. South Dakota Dairy Specialist have a timely article at:

As issues arise in livestock, grain, forage and equine industries, I compile the best information and send it our to local producers. If you are interested in receiving the update by email, please subscribe here:

I will continue to publish the Ag News blog. The updates contain additional weather information, calendar and more in-depth articles.


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The law affects sustainable, local food producers in many ways, and farmers need information on how to deal with these concerns. Tarrant County Extension will present this webinar series through Farm Commons and Attorney Rachel Armstrong, this winter that will help farmers and small processors identify some common concerns. Webinars are hosted at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Tarrant County Extension office located at 200 Taylor Street, Suite 500 in Fort Worth. Topics include: Establishing partnerships, Insurance issues, Intern and volunteer issues, Food safety liability issues, and Sales strategies. Several topics will have local presenters in addition to the webinar.

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It’s time for the Wichita Falls Ranch and Farm Expo! This year’s issue of the annual event will feature over 400 vendor tables with every new technology available to ranchers and farmers.

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MeetingPlace reporters note that a group of U.S senators led by Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is asking USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to clarify how meat inspectors can be furloughed under sequestration and provide the legal rationale that would allow it to occur.

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An economic analysis conducted by Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension found crop production supported more than 103,000 jobs and generated more than $12.2 billion in economic activity in 2010 in the Texas High Plains region.

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